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‘God Delivered Our Children From Ritual Killers’ The potency of Psalm 91


When the Psalm of protection is confessed in church every every Sunday, it is not for want of what to pray or mere recitation; Psalm 91 is indeed a prayer and declaration of God Almighty being our shield, refuge and protection from the evil that lurks around.

The stories of Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo and Brother Ayotunde Adejumo are true testimonies of the power of God’s word in Psalm 91. They both testified of how their children were divinely rescued from kidnappers whose plan was to use them for rituals, in two different scenarios.

According to Bro Adejumo, when school is in session, his son, Olaoluwa usually goes in company of his younger sister. However, on the 5th of May, 14 year-old Olaoluwa who is in S.S1 went to school without his sister because she just finished her junior secondary school examination and was on holiday. On his way back home after school, he dropped at a bus – stop and while counting his balance from the bus he boarded, a man from nowhere dragged him to a corner and asked him for his own share of the money after which Olaoluwa replied that he doesn’t know him.

Sharing this testimony on behalf of his son, Bro Ayo Adejumo said: “Before he knew what was happening, the man grabbed my son by the neck and pulled a knife on him threatening to kill him if he shouted.” But a sudden bravery came upon Olaoluwa and he summed up courage and hit the man’s tummy which destabilsed him for a little while so he could run away. However, the man stopped him- but he turned and tried to run in another direction- unfortunately, this was a wrong move as it only led him right into their den- the exact spot they wanted him to go.

According to Olaoluwa’s father, “two other men joined in the chase after him but because he was younger, they caught up with him, grabbed him and one of them punched him on the jaw and pushed him into a very dark bushy corner. Immediately, a strange man came out and when he saw Olaoluwa, he told them they wanted a girl and not a boy.

Olaoluwa said he was just standing there and the man kept repeating to the kidnappers that their ritual required a girl sacrifice and not a boy. It was then the kidnappers pushed him away and asked him to go.

When Olaoluwa arrived home with his slightly bruised jaw and narrated his ordeal and divine deliverance from these evil people, his parents were left dumbfounded.

Another interesting aspect about this story is that God foresaw and foreknew that this would happen and He in His awesomeness made sure that Olaoluwa’s sister was on holiday when this incident occurred, otherwise, the ritualists might have gotten the girl they wanted.

Brother Adejumo in narrating this testimony concluded by saying: “I am grateful to God because I have just two children and if anything had happened, we would still be looking for him and just wondering where he had gone. What I also discovered from this is the fact that the Psalm 91 and every other word in the Bible that we pray over ourselves and our children works perfectly.

Bro Adejumo encouraged parents, especially men to take charge of their homes and ensure they pray for their children every day. In his words, “I did not even know that breaking bread every Saturday made sure that there was a Divine mark on him ensuring that these evil people couldn’t touch him. I am just grateful to God Almighty for sparing my son’s life.

While sharing the testimony on behalf of his daughter, at the Discovery for men rally, Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo explained that she had been undergoing driving lessons for a while. But on her way back after her lessons on this particular day, she met an elderly couple driving in a fairly new car who pulled over and asked her how they could get to a clinic in within the estate, where the Onabanjo’s reside.

Pastor Onabanjo said she politely offered to describe the way to them. “But the moment she spoke she didn’t know at what point she got into the couple’s car and they started driving out of the estate.”

Having called to tell her mum that she was already in the estate before encountering the couple, the parents began to get troubled in the spirit when they didn’t see her within five minutes as usual. Mrs Onabanjo quickly got into the car and went into that neighborhood but their daughter was nowhere to be found. She called her number but the line was not going through. This was about 6.30pm.

All along, the kidnapper couple had seized Miss Onabanjo’s phone and were on their way out of the estate to Sagamu but God gave her the strength of utterance and she began to plead the Blood of Jesus. When she started praying psalm 91, they got agitated, stopped abruptly and pushed her out of the car on the express way.

According to Pastor Onabanjo, “We knew something was not right because when your children always get in touch with you every moment and somehow communication ceases on both sides, then you know something must be going on- and so at that point we started to pray.” It was by divine leading and prayers that the Onobanjos found their beloved daughter by the expressway crying.

Incidentally, that week, eight people were reported missing and out of the eight only one person was found.

Pastor Onabanjo through this testimony is encouraging everyone that: “God is set as always to provide His covenant of protection over the entire house (The Fountain Of Life Church) no matter how hard the devil tries to afflict us; God is always ahead of the devil and in His supernatural way He delivers us from the snare of the fowler.

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