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Being in God’s plan just makes me happy —Pastor Nomthi Odukoya


Pastor Nomthi Rosemary Odukoya is married to Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church.

A South African, Pastor Nomthi has settled into her role as if she was born for it. In this interview with Niran AdedokunIboro Tonye-Edet and Toni Kan, she takes us into her world in her most revealing interview to date letting us into her early days, her sojourn in the UK, her meeting with Pastor Taiwo and the ministry God is leading her to.

What does it feel like being a grandmother?

I tell people that my own is supernatural speed. People who had children before me are not yet grandmothers but here I am being a grandmother. All glory be to God, and I do thank God for that.

Do tell us about your background and growing up years

I was born in South Africa, in a town called Pinetown, Durban. I am from a single parent home. My mum had only two of us: myself and my younger brother. Though I did not grow up to know my father, I had a very wonderful childhood. I had many father figures in church. God just made it so, so that I would understand what it’s like to have a father. Yet, my mother was a very strong woman; so together with these fathers in church, they made me the woman I am today and I thank God for that.

What took you to the United Kingdom?

I qualified as an educationist in South Africa and worked for about seven years before I moved to the United Kingdom. I did three years in Kwa-gqikazi College of Education. The fourth year I was already working and that was at Natal College of Education. In 2001, I got a United Kingdom visa for two years which allowed me to study and work at the same time.

I had heard about some of the opportunities in the UK from two friends who were interested in travelling there. But I was not really interested. I laughed at them wondering why they wanted to go to the UK. I thought things were fine in South Africa, but they even went as far as attending immigration seminars and I found that funny. But amazingly, at the end of the day, they didn’t go. I was the one who ended up in the UK.

After a year in the United Kingdom, I visited home in South Africa and I realised people were still doing the same things I left them doing. I just didn’t fit in anymore, so I went back to the United Kingdom. I ended up staying in the UK for eight years and not the one year I thought I would stay initially.

You have been here with us for three years. How has it been as a wife and helpmeet to Pastor Taiwo Odukoya?

When I hear three years, it sounds a bit short because it feels like I have been here for quite some time. I feel this is home and I have gotten so used to Pastor as my husband. I really don’t remember how it was like anymore before I met him. God has been good. As you know, the children have come in quick succession. I’ve been too busy to know how long I’ve been here but it has been wonderful and Pastor has helped me grow in tremendous ways.

I thought I was coming for one thing, but God had a different and bigger plan for me…

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