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From Farming to Global Fame: Cynthia Mosunmola Umoru


God has taken Sister Mosunmola Umoru from farming to the gilded palaces of the world. He has led her before statesmen and Presidents in fulfillment of the scripture which says that with God all things are possible. She testifies:

My journey is the testimony of the The Fountain of Life Church, especially, indicating the faithfulness of our God. It’s exactly sixteen years now that my father brought me to this ministry and, to the glory of God, I have stayed in this house and have been tutored by the set man of God, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya. I have also learnt a lot through service, over the years, by volunteering in various departments like the Children’s Church (where I was adopted and raised through University by the assistant H.O.D at the time, Mr. Emeka Awobokun and his wonderful wife Dr. Yemisi), Singles Fellowship (outreach unit) and the Greeters Department. All these actually set the foundation for all the testimonies in my life.

Many prophesies have come through the faithful servants of God in this house and I have held on to the word of God in faith and that has seen me through numerous challenging times.

The year 2011 was declared Our Year of Great Exploits and I resolved in my heart that all of my activities for the year must be hallmarked by that theme. Truly, even though I purposed within me to do exploits, there was no clear direction by January. I just believed God. Nonetheless, God gave me a Word from James 1:2-4: “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” The Lord made me understand that the challenges I had faced through the past years were to equip me for the responsibility that lay ahead. He assured me that, like gold, I was passing through the refiners’ fire and I would come out as a fine and precious product.

Believe me, even with God’s comforting words the tough times didn’t suddenly disappear. I had nights when I was thoroughly drenched in my own tears and went to bed in pain, but I still believed God. I have had huge and enormous aspirations for my chosen career as a Farmer, and I trusted God,

deeply, to help me actualize this dreams. God decided to break me completely when, in February that year, I had a very pressing financial need and called a Pastor in church, and we both prayed and agreed about it. Things didn’t quite work out as I planned and I was too proud to beg for help. I just wanted to work hard and fix everything.

Eventually, I swallowed my pride and went to see one of the Pastors and explained to him and asked the Church for help. Within a week, Pastor Taiwo generously approved it and the church supported me. Two weeks later, I called my siblings and told them that Pastor Taiwo had been more than a father to us, and suggested that we should go to his house to show our appreciation. Just before saying our goodbyes, Pastor laid hands on us and prayed fervently, declaring that the Egyptians that we had seen before, we would see no more, and that the trials of the past would not reflect in our future. He also prayed that the miracles God would do in our lives would provoke envy in our generation. I believed that prayer because I knew that the matter was

Within 48 hours, I received an email from the African Union Commissions’ (AU) in Addis Ababa. The Youth Division had just been given the mandate to host a Youth Conference. This group was expected to come up with recommendations for the ministers and eventually the Heads of State on the African Continent on how best to address youth related challenges.

Young entrepreneurs and professionals were selected and invited from all member States. To the glory of God, I was selected for two reasons. First, I was a young woman farmer suddenly became sought after (the journey to do exploits began).

The theme for the Heads of State Summit 2011 was “Accelerating Youth Development for Sustainable Growth.” We were expected to come up with reforms and plans to present to the Heads of State in order to drive youth development on the continent. Four Nigerians were selected to speak at different sessions. Ministries of Youth representatives and their ministers were also to hold meetings. Two out of the four sponsored by the United Nations (UN) were Fountaineers.

Adeola Oyinlade was an undergraduate law student at UNILAG at the time and was also a host for a radio programme ”Know Your Constitution”. As serious as these meetings were supposed to be, ‘Deola and I agreed that God had to separate us from the crowd and let His identity be seen in our lives.

Believe me, God showed up. It was a fantastic exposure or us. When we had our sessions at the plenary, we got standing ovations. I cannot begin to point out the number of consultancy services that began to come our way from that singular outing. Before I returned to Nigeria from Ethiopia, I got an email from the US Consulate office in Nigeria. I had been nominated for an exchange programme in the United States. I got a mail advising me to come for my interview.

I did not lobby, I was just busy doing what I know how to do best, pursuing my career in the Agricultural sector (proudly calling myself a farmer) and I earned the admiration of one of the programme officers who has an eye for spotting talents, for a one month exchange visit to the US, all expenses paid by the United States Government. Eighteen women from across the globe were selected for this programme; I was the only Nigerian selected for the 2011 Women and Entrepreneurship

International Visitors Leadership Programme. Our team collectively did a tour of nine (9) states within the period. Little did I know that these trips only marked the beginning of a significant journey of “EXPLOITS”. Now, you may be reading and wondering ‘WOW, this is so cool’ because all was going smoothly. Believe me, all that glitters isn’t gold o! The devil didn’t fold his hands and just watch. My faith was tried. Day one of our outdoor meeting in Washington almost broke me as I received a call from home. My father’s house had been razed by an inferno the night before. All that we owned physically as a family was gone. I mean ALL. We all, especially my father, had to be strong and courageous through that phase. I was asked by the programme coordinators in the U.S if I wanted to go back home to be with my family but I insisted and stayed on and we agreed with one of the pastors who kept checking on my family to comfort everyone that God’s faithfulness would see us through. I wept for my father because I knew what we had both gone through financially, emotionally and

 Let my story inspire you to pursue, with resilience, that dream, vision and ministry God has placed in your hand. With God, all things are truly possible. 

spiritually because of that house. Well, we simply moved on and trusted God for divine provision. (Lesson learnt, no matter how small, please take an insurance cover for all your property) not that I am praying for you to have problems. The Bible just tells us “wisdom is profitable to direct,” so let’s be wise.

Upon my return from America in June, I got another mail from the AU asking if I would be willing to do a follow up on our earlier meeting in Addis Ababa and I gladly accepted. That acceptance got me nominated as the West African Youth Representative as we must have five youth representatives from across the continent. Our assignment was simple. We were to engage all African Heads of State. We had the mandate to push the Youth Agenda forward through our recommendations. In July, we made our presentations at the 17th Ordinary Session of the African Union Heads of State Summit 2011 in Malabo. To the glory of God, I spoke with wisdom as guided by the Holy Spirit and history was made as it was the first time in Africa that young people were not just the main focus, but were allowed to join the Heads of State Summit and also make presentations at their meeting.

Malabo was a phenomenal experience and exposure. This gave me several invitations by Ministers and Heads of State of some countries to come and motivate their young citizens.

In September, I was on my way to Rwanda on the invitation of their First Lady, Mrs. Kagame when the Holy Spirit reminded me of one of my prayer points whilst in the University. I had prayed to have toured the African Continent by my 35th birthday. I am very well on track to fulfilling that dream. Isaiah 55: 1 says “Ho, every one that is thirsty, come ye to the waters, and he that had no money; come ye, buy, and” All my trips were fully paid upon invitation so the scriptures are fulfilled in my life. I have lived by faith.

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was present at that meeting and again I was singled out by God. He invited me to Abuja three months later to speak at the launch of the YOUWIN project–Nigeria’s adoption of one of the recommendations we made in Malabo for all countries to have a National fund to support enterprise among the youths.

I am sharing this because many times, we have positive desires to effect change in our environment but, more often than not, we don’t pursue them because we don’t want to stand alone.

To be outstanding sometimes, as a young person, you may have to do the unpopular, unattractive and sometimes the uncelebrated. When, as Christians, we set the standards, it’s amazing to see how we subtly get a platform to influence the world around us and I dare say that the power of Christ in us begins to attract even unbelievers to want to identify with our Christ, who completely makes the difference.

Never let go of your dream as “God is able to do exceedingly above all you can ever ask or think.” Let my story inspire you to pursue, with resilience, that dream, vision and ministry which God has placed in your hand. With God, all things are truly possible. If you work in a corporate organization or for someone else, pause before you turn in your resignation letter, thinking you can only achieve so much when you start your own business.

Remember that a human being is only able to function because all his body parts are well organized. I just want you to understand that you can be all that God has called you to be, irrespective of your location. I was called over-ambitious by some older people when I embarked on this journey to be a farmer and seven years later, I can only say, “see what the Lord has done”, and I can truly say that I have been blessed and today I’ve got a testimony.


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