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Two people beside me died, but God kept me!


Folasade Williams, a sales manager with a three star hotel in Victoria Island, started coming to The Fountain of Life Church in 2005 but later stopped.

However, nine years later, she started worshipping with the church again. Miss Williams in this story shares how her life has been full testimonies despite the fact that she always likes to have things her own way.

This stubborn behavior, according to her, almost led to her losing her life despite receiving the gift of the Spirit of discernment a few days earlier. It was the supernatural intervention of God that saved her life after a forewarning from the Holy Spirit which she initially ignored.

Hear her story: “I’m a type of person who is very stubborn; I don’t listen to my spirit – if my spirit tells me to do something I don’t listen to it at all. However, the family Sunday of April when Pastor Taiwo was talking about gifts, he said we should ask for any gift from the Holy Spirit. I did not say anything. When he started prophesying the gifts to the congregation, I still didn’t say amen. But when he said gift of discernment, a loud amen just came from the inside and I said amen.”

On Wednesday of that same week, she left her work place on the Island early to prepare for a trip. According to her: “I was to travel for a friend’s wedding on Friday so I closed very early that day around 10.15 pm. When I got to Obalende, there was no bus and there were a lot of people at the bus stop. I was beginning to get impatient as this was almost 10.30 pm.”

Fortunately, a bus arrived moment and Miss Williams quickly rushed to the front seat as she always prefers to sit by the driver in front. But immediately she was seated, she felt the Spirit telling her to disembark at Yabatech bus stop and not WAEC bus stop as she usually did..

She explains: “I normally don’t alight at YABATECH, though the bus stop is nearer to my destination, but it could be very dangerous at night, so I prefer alighting at WAEC, which is safer for me, even though it’s a little bit far. But as soon I sat in the bus, the Holy Spirit said ‘come down at YABATECH and not WAEC.’I was like why should I do that? The Spirit kept nudging me but I kept resisting with the excuse that it was not my regular bus stop.”

She said that it was as if she was struggling with two forces not knowing which to obey. This, according to her made her start verbalizing her confusion drawing the attention of the bus driver and another lady passenger sitting beside her.

“The lady sitting beside me and the driver were both looking at me wondering what was wrong with me and if I was okay as I was talking to myself, the look on their faces made me sense what they were thinking but I just stared at them and smiled.”

At the point, she said there was another strong prompting to alight at Yabatech and she still did not budge and then a third prompting from the Holy Spirit was followed by a strong foreboding, according to her.

In her words: “At that time I knew something was going to happen, so I just said ‘Holy Spirit have your way three times,’ all of a sudden I found myself alighting at YABATECH junction. I was actually wondering if I was the one that got there by myself. I crossed to the other side and started running towards the GRA gate which is like a 10 minutes’ walk from where I alighted.” While running, I noticed a car coming behind me with speed so I thought the danger that the Holy Spirit was warning my about was here considering the notoriety of that area. I increased my speed, when all of a sudden I heard a loud bang from where I was coming from. I said to myself that these robbers have started again.”

But she soon realised that there were no robbers when she kept hearing the noise, cars screeching to a stop and people gathering. Out of curiosity, she decided to find out what happened as she testifies: “I crossed back to the other side to know what happened; by this time it was past 11.00 pm. On getting there I noticed it was a very fatal accident. I wondered how such an accident could happen on a road that wasn’t even an express road. I them remembered that when I got down from the bus it was only our bus that was on that road. I moved closer to the scene of the accident and saw that the accident involved a car and a bus. Both vehicles were written off and there were casualties. As I moved closer to the bus, I saw the driver and the lady I sat with in the same bus I just alighted from lying lifeless on the ground. I said this is the bus I alighted from, how come? I went closer and the people around the scene told me not to go near, I told them that I just alighted from the bus, they asked if I jumped out of the window and I told them I didn’t that I just alighted from the bus a few minutes back. I was shocked when I saw the dead bodies of the driver and the lady I sat with being pulled out of the vehicle. Other passengers at the back were severely injured, some were unconscious, some had their hands cut off and some had lost their legs. It was a terrible sight. Instantly, I went on my knees and started praising God for delivering me from death. Even when I was being stubborn and not listening to His warning, God out ran me. Even when I was saying no, He brought me down and I still don’t know how it happened. People came and were asking me what happened; with shock I started telling them how much God really loves me.”

She said people asked her all sorts of questions like if she had sensed anything like that was going to happen, if she attended a white garment church, Redeemed or MFM. “I told them I attended none of those churches. Then one of them asked which church I attended and I told him The Fountain of Life Church, he asked if it was Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, I told him yes. He said ‘God is there! Everyone was praising God on my behalf”

When asked about paying more attention to the gift of the Spirit henceforth, she had this to say: “Pastor said the day we give our lives to Christ the Spirit is with us, it’s just that we don’t give attention. But since then it has been marvelous, now I listen and after the testimony, God has been saving me through many things from there. I want to thank God for Pastor Taiwo, the grace and anointing upon his life. I am glad that when God instructed him on the gifts of the Spirit that Sunday, he was able to listen and obey. “

Williams enjoined Christians to listen more to the voice of the Spirit in our inner man; “He will always direct us and put things in our remembrance as the Bible says. We should always listen to Him and we won’t regret it. Let the Holy Spirit have His way in all areas of our life and we will have cause to glorify God” That is her testimony to the glory of God. Hallelujah!

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