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God confounded the counsel of experts to make me conceive and deliver!


Last year, 2012, was declared Our Year of Laughter. So, I entered the year with a wish list of having a child.

Meanwhile, in September 2011, I started menstruating and I thought it was going to last the usual period of three to five days. But it did not stop, as I menstruated throughout that month and some months afterward until February.

I was going in and out of hospitals to take one injection or the other to stop it. The injection would honour the doctor for one day before the menstruation came back again. So it was difficult to calculate ovulation and do so many other things.

On the 15th of March, 2012, the doctor sent me to a radiologist. When I got to the office of the radiologist, I was No 25 on the waiting list. While waiting, I saw three women come out of the radiologist’s office. Having done the procedure, it was obvious that they were in great pain, as they kept groaning. I went to the receptionist and asked her what was wrong with those women. She replied that they were there for the same procedure I came for. I became angry.

I called my husband immediately and told him it would be a violation of my fundamental rights as a woman to go through that procedure, because a metal would be passed through the vagina to check what was amiss. So I didn’t do it. The following day I went to my doctor to inform him that I didn’t do the procedure, and he said he had suspected that I was not going to do it. He then made a shocking statement, “You attend Fountain, right? Then go and believe in the God of Taiwo Odukoya.”

On March 18, Pastor Taiwo prophesied that if a woman would believe tonight, she would become pregnant. After the service, my husband and I were discussing the topic of the service and suddenly he asked if I heard Pastor’s prophecy. I said yes, but God should heal me of this bleeding first. Then my husband suggested we should make love that night. But I announced that I was tired, but he insisted. Surprisingly, I discovered that my pad was dry that night for the first time in six months! So we mode love that night and, the following day, the bleeding started all over again. I bled till about the 16th of April. I called my doctor and complained to him about the bleeding. He said I should come to the hospital the next day that they would embolden me. I told my husband and he told me sarcastically that before I do the emboldening, I should go for a pregnancy test. I said okay and went for the pregnancy test. Lo and behold, it was positive. I told my husband the result and added that I was still bleeding, and he encouraged me that we should continue to hold onto the God of Pastor Taiwo.

The next day I went to the radiologist and collected my money for service un-rendered. We then sowed a seed into Pastor Taiwo’s life. He didn’t want to collect the money considering my medical condition, but we insisted that we were obeying divine instruction. So, he collected it and prayed for us.

Still the bleeding did not stop. I was also told I was not producing progesterone, so I had to be taking injection every week. Along the line, I was sent back to go and do pregnancy test to be sure I was still pregnant. After the seventh test, the lab technician told me to tell the gynaecologist that the baby had decided to stay. As he checked my file, it struck me that seven means perfection. So with that I went to the doctor and told him I am no more doing any pregnancy test again, and he agreed.

Four months and three weeks old into the pregnancy, the bleeding stopped on its own. Then July 22, 2012, after church service, I went back home. At about 4:30pm, I started contracting and it was so severe. My husband called the doctor and he asked us to come straight to the hospital. By Monday, I thought I was better and I asked the doctor to discharge me, but he refused. He told my husband that he needed to do a surgery on me so as to get to the root of the contraction. I was unconscious as I was being taken to the theatre, but could hear the doctor wondering aloud and asking my husband, “How did she get pregnant?”

When I became conscious, I asked my husband why the doctor asked him that question. He replied that the doctor said there was a growth covering where the sperm should go in to fertilize eggs and it has grown so big that it had divided my cervix into two as it was trying to position itself. During the surgery they found out that the growth had its root on the blood vessel of my womb, so it was really big. After the procedure, I was told I couldn’t walk so they carried me on a stretcher and it was very bad. My legs were hung up for nine weeks, after which I was given a lot of rules (do not walk, drive, dance etc) but, at least, I could go to church.

Three weeks to delivery, the baby that was head-down suddenly took the bridged position and I was going to the hospital everyday to see if he would turn. I was slated for a caesarean section, and the doctor asked to speak with one of my pastors, so I called Pastor Babatunde. The doctor told him that the church needed to pray for me.

On December 2, we were heading to church when I started contracting. So we went straight to the hospital instead, but we didn’t see the anaesthetist. We waited till 5.00pm, still he didn’t show up; meanwhile, the labour was progressing. At about 7.00pm, God sent me an angel in form of a nurse. She walked in and asked me what was going on. I told her. She said I was dilated and should be able to push out the baby. I reminded her that the baby was bridged and I was going to need a caesarean section to bring him out. She asked me if it was the doctors or God that had the final say. I insisted that they said I was going to have a CS, and she asked me if the experts who said so were my God.

At a point, I asked why the doctor was delaying, and she also asked me if I didn’t believe in the act of God, in case the doctor failed to show up. Everything I said, she countered. I confronted her that she never had a baby before, she told me not to be limited by that knowledge. Finally, she declared, “In the name of Jesus, you are bringing forth this baby!”

Then she went in and talked to the gynaecologist. He also wanted to argue with her but, she said, “Right on my faith, this woman will bring forth this baby!”

Then I was taken into the theatre and she said, “In the name of Jesus, give me one push!” One push I gave and out my baby came with the bottom and legs. They had to cut my perineum to see if there was a cord round the baby’s neck. Fortunately, there was none. By the time the baby came out, he was not breathing, so he had to be resuscitated.

I want to thank the Almighty God who took us in and brought us out safely.

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