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My Faith Was Weak, But God Is Forever Strong; And I Held On To His Words


I share this testimony to the glory of God Almighty and to encourage everyone that God is merciful and faithful. It all started at the beginning of 2012.

I had a very high fever, and I was diagnosed with drug resistant malaria. After several treatments, spanning over five months, the sickness persisted. After a while, I started having a chronic back/waist ache and swelling of the abdomen.

My doctors thought these were due to my sitting posture at the office, or an infection. After fruitless efforts to reduce the pain with drugs, I insisted on seeing an orthopaedic doctor, who eventually diagnosed Lumbar Spinal Spongylolysis, a degenerative disease of the fifth spinal vertebrae. With heavy prescription, I felt better for some time, until the conditions returned in July 2012.

When there was no relief, I requested for an appointment with a physician, who sent me for a comprehensive medical check-up and abdominal ultrasound scan. The results of the tests and scan showed that something was seriously wrong, but it did not confirm any condition. The physician expressed concern and his major suspicion was that maybe I had a terminal liver cancer. He then advised that we urgently go for a confirmatory CT scan at Mercury Diagnostics, Oshodi to know what was wrong. This was on Saturday July 28, 2012. The CT scan was to be done on Monday, July 30. It is also expedient to state that, at this point, my abdomen was well distended and was growing by the day.

My wife and I rejected this. We started fasting and praying; we also started building a chain of prayer partners consisting of friends, relatives and colleagues. We had a fervent prayer session on the night of July 28 and we retired to bed around 1am. About 30 minutes later, someone nudged me awake and I clearly heard a voice saying, “You are sleeping when a battle is going on, pick your Bible and pray!” Immediately I grabbed my Bible, but did not know where to read. I thought to myself, “Where do I read now?” And that same voice directed me to just open and read. I opened the Bible and realised it was the beginning of Apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. The scripture greatly ministered to us, and we claimed and prayed over some promise verses in Ephesians 1 vs 5-7; 2 vs 4-6; 2 vs 8-9; 6 vs 10-17.

While this was going on, I had serious mind battle with the devil, as he kept reminding me about men and women of God, who must have been more prayerful and righteous than me, but who had died suddenly. He told me that my time was up. I rejected all these quoting 2 Peter 2:24, “… by his stripes you were healed”. I stood my ground on the Word of God and he finally left me. I also prayed to God to use my Pastor to confirm His Words.

I attended my usual second service on the July 29, 2012. Pastor preached about “The Rights of a Christian.” This was on point, considering my state of mind and condition. I encourage everyone to get the CD of that message by Pastor Taiwo Odukoya. After reading some passages from Genesis, Pastor referred us to Ephesians chapter 2 and after initially stating verse 6, he changed to verse 5 and then to verse 4! That was the exact verse God used to minister to me that night! Afterward, Pastor used those verses to make some strong confessions. I got more than the confirmation I needed from God and my faith was strengthened.

After the service, I met a colleague, who is also a worker in the church, and requested him to join us in the prayer chain. He promised to do that and even get word across to the Senior Pastor through another Pastor. I told him that my request to God was that the next day’s scan should not reveal any cancer of any form in my body. Later that day, he called to inform me that he had sent an SMS to the Senior Pastor, so he could also pray for me at 12 midnight.

The next day, July 30, I went quite early to Mercury Diagnostics for the CT scan. After an unwarranted delay and apology, coupled with a long queue of patients also waiting for the scan, my phone rang and it was my colleague. His first question was if I had done the test, to which I responded no. He then informed me excitedly that Pastor Odukoya just prayed and blessed anointing oil for me. I did the test and was told to come for the result by 12 noon on Wednesday, August 1, 2012.

I woke up on that day feeling depressed and apprehensive about the result that I would be picking up. My faith was weak, but God is forever strong; and I held on to His words.

Immediately we got to Mercury Diagnostics, I realised I had an email message; on opening it, I was hit by a bold message from Pastor Taiwo, “WAIT, AN ENCOUNTER IS ON THE WAY.” It was the message of his Discovery for Men’s August newsletter. The main scripture was James 1:4 “but let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing!” After reading the message, I became calm knowing that God was in charge. We went in and picked the result and everything was NEGATIVE! All the organs were perfectly normal. However, there was a note at the end. It says there was chronic ascites (meaning lots of water being retained by the body in the abdomen) and no root cause could be identified. Further tests were recommended.

I was to see the physician with the CT scan result that same evening; then another drama ensued. After studying the result, he asked us to listen carefully. He explained that the result had totally confused him the more and contradicted his experience and knowledge of the situation. He told us that he did not know how to proceed any longer, but would refer us to a senior specialist at LUTH for further consultation. The alternative was to make arrangement to travel abroad, possibly to India, for treatment. I consented to being referred to LUTH, with the firm belief that God was in control. My spirit told me not to bother travelling abroad as my divine healing had commenced. The physician placed a call to the LUTH specialist who, though just started her leave, was willing to see me the next Tuesday, August 7.

Between this Wednesday and the appointment day, and even beyond, I was under serious pressure from friends and relatives to seek help from other spiritual, traditional and medical alternatives. My wife and I refused. I was constantly in church throughout this period of sickness, even though I had emaciated having lost more than 20kg in weight.

On Sunday, August 5, after service, I requested for prayers with a Pastor and was able to meet with Pastor Fred who prayed with me and my wife. I anointed my body, especially the abdomen, everyday with the anointing oil while repeating the promise in James 1:4.

On Tuesday, August 7, 2012, I met with the specialist. She was alarmed when she saw my distended abdomen. She requested for the results of tests conducted and, after studying them, she explained that the situation looked critical and that there was no time to waste. She sent a sample of extracted liquid from my abdomen to South Africa for analysis and to confirm malignancy, liver infection or abdominal infection. She said her spirit and gut feeling were telling her to commence treatment for abdominal infection, despite not having enough evidence for any of the possibilities. It was a chance she was going to take and I accepted, believing God was in charge.

She immediately sent me for another round of HIV and other quick blood tests and then commenced treatment when they all came back negative. She travelled and encouraged me that if everything went fine, the size of my tummy would have reduced by half on her return in six weeks time. BY THE TIME SHE RETURNED, MY TUMMY WAS COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! And even she was amazed and excited at the recovery rate.

I have steadily recovered since then. Within three months, I had run the cycle, fully recovered and could resume at work. The confirmatory tests from South Africa came back, all negative and inconclusive: no malignancy, no liver infection and no abdominal infection. Till date, no one can categorically state the cause of the condition. But I know, yes I know, that the Prince of Peace, the I AM that I Am, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, our Merciful Father did the healing, making it complete and entire, lacking nothing!!!

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