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My name is Peter Taire. I was born in Lagos in the 70s into a Roman Catholic family. I grew up in Lagos all my life with my parent even though I moved out later. I grew up in Shomolu, Palm-Groove area to be precise. Life wasn’t that good but it was okay. We didn’t have so much but the little we had, we enjoyed. My dad, who is late now, wasn’t born again initially but he gave his life to Christ before I was even born. 

Praise the Lord! I thank God for healing me. I have always enjoyed good health, but in January this year, I had an ear infection. After taking some medications, the left part of my face became numb. I could barely close my left eye and the left side of my lips. If I tried to blow out my cheek, the air would go out through the left side and if I washed my face, water would go into my left eye because I could not close it.

I owe God my thanksgiving. He has done so much for me, especially in 2016, I cannot count them all. But I just want God to look into my heart and see sincere thanksgiving today. Pastor Taiwo kept saying all through 2016 that 'there is no recession in Fountain'. And truly there was absolutely no recession for my family.

I thank God for His grace and healing. In the last week of November, I had an ulcer. We were supposed to start a 31-day fast in my church in the month of December. I came for Thursday Showers, took the Holy Communion and prayed that if taking my ulcer away with the communion was the only thing God was going to do for me, let Him do it so I could participate in the solemn assembly in my church.

I was at a training centre sometime ago. At about 1.00pm, my cousin called to inform me that my sister in Ibadan was rushed to the hospital after she went into labour. I called her back around 4.00pm, when I had finished the training, to ascertain the state of things, and she told me they were still at the hospital and she had not given birth.

I bless the name of the Lord who has counted me worthy to be on my feet and did not allow one of my legs to be cut off. It happened when my mum called me that she was ill so I had to travel down to Osun state. On getting there, I discovered she had been taken to a local white garment church and some concoctions were been given to her.

By Sis. Lena

I am from the northern part of the country, and every Christmas I always travel home. In spite of everything happening in the North, I knew I still had to go last December. So I kept reciting Psalm 91, telling God that ‘a thousand might fall at my side, and ten thousand at my right hand; but it would not come near me.’ Eventually,

I am grateful to God for good health. I appreciate His faithfulness over my life for the past 40 years. Indeed my God is faithful. I give glory to God for saving my life throughout the four surgical operations that I had. I had my three children through surgical operations, with my last baby coming on December 4, 2010.

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