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“They say there’s no harm in daydreaming, but there is.” —Charlaine Harris

When I run, I wish I could say I was fully focused on my surroundings. I live within running distance of a waterfront with half a dozen bridges, a beautiful (although steep) inactive volcano, and if I go a bit further, several nice trails. There are plenty of sights to see and beauty to appreciate.

Mrs. Oludayo Olutoyin Onabowale has successfully run Treasure House School, Ilupeju, Lagos for the past five years. In this interview with Toni Kan, Mrs. Onabowale, speaks from the wealth of her experience, describing children “as treasures you can mould” —Mrs. Onabowale, Proprietress, Treasure House

I want you to think about something. Maybe you’re like me: coasting along, doing okay, not lacking for anything material. You have a good life. What else is there? Oh, that’s right: everything. At a certain point you have you ask yourself, am I playing a small game or a big one? Am I truly striving? Am I really challenging myself?

The best and most honest answer is that I wasn’t good at anything else. For better or worse, I learned that I was a terrible employee. I was unreliable and unskilled. I’ve written before about my last official job, lugging boxes onto FedEx trucks in the middle of the night. Stacking boxes was surprisingly hard! It wasn’t just about picking up the box and tossing it in the truck—you had to stack it in a certain way that led to maximum efficiency (and presumably out of some concern for the contents, though that never seemed to be much of a priority).