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God Lifted Me Beyond My Imagination


Bro. Adeola Austin Oyinlade, lawyer and internationally renowned motivational speaker testifies to God’s blessings and the manifestation of Pastor Taiwo’s prophecy in his life.

I bless the name of the Lord for leading me to a bible-believing Church, The Fountain of Life Church. I thank God for our Senior Pastor for his teaching and preaching, which enabled me to understand the power in the word, and how I can apply it to my daily life and activities.

Sometime in 2008, Pastor Taiwo announced one Sunday that Dekunle Fuji, a Fountaineer, had won the Best Gospel Artiste of the year Award in New York. That same day, Pastor Taiwo told the Church that God had decided to take someone international. He said further that in no time, the person would be celebrated globally and the international community would not stop inviting him as a problem solver. He asked the church to pray for the manifestation of the revelation. People began to pray but I thought the prayer point was for the working class as I was then a law undergraduate at the University of Lagos. After the first prayer point, Pastor Taiwo declared that someone was in church but was not praying, because he felt the prayer point was not for him. The Holy Spirit told me I was the one because that was my exact thought. God, in His mercy, offered me a second chance to pray as Pastor called the prayer point again. I prayed it as if I would not pray again. I also made it my daily prayer point while waiting anxiously on God for its manifestation.

Back in 2007, I had demonstrated interest in international affairs by writing reports and recommendations to the office of the United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon on obstacles to the Millennium Development Goals and ways of tackling them, how higher institutions could contribute to achieving Millennium Development Goals among others. In 2008, as a law student and a radio personality, I started a radio programme called ‘Know Your Constitution’ where I was educating Lagosians on issues of the law, most especially their rights and how to enforce such rights in collaboration with reputable lawyers.

In 2009, Tribune Newspapers named me ‘Youth Achiever’ and published my works. I was so happy but the Holy Spirit reminded me that what God revealed that day was beyond local recognition.

In 2010, I got a call from an organization under the United Nations; I had been nominated to be commissioned as the United Nations Young Ambassador for Peace alongside Kanu Nwankwo and a few others and Chief Ernest Shonekan was a special guest of honour. I knew God had started it and I was praising him. In that 2010, I won a LEAP AFRICA Award, and was inducted as a Nigeria Leadership Initiative Associate by Mr. Olusegun Aganga where I was opportuned to meet the Richest man in Africa, Nigerian leaders and many other dignitaries who have recorded significant successes in their chosen endeavours and we exchanged contacts. In fact, throughout that year, I was called to serve on many platforms that were higher than me. I knew God had begun his work.

In 2011, I got an email from the African Union inviting me as a guest speaker to address two plenary sessions of the African Youth Forum at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa. The invitation was a miracle because it came 3 working days to the Forum. I was told that I would not need to apply for a visa; that the AU had arranged for a VISA on arrival, on my behalf, even though I had no contacts in government and at the AU except my heavenly contact. 

When I arrived Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa and saw people waiting to drive me to my hotel, my heart was just praising God all through and I prayed to the living God who had made it happen to further single me out for favour and greatness at the Forum. I realized that another Nigerian, Mosunmola Umoru, invited as a resource person, is also a Fountaneer. We were both happy and discussed the teachings of The Fountain of Life Church and started singing Pastor Taiwo’s favourite songs to the admiration of our colleagues who had read our profiles and wanted to meet us. 

Mosun and I did not only represent Nigeria, we were also there as Ambassadors of The Fountain of Life Church. During our two sessions, something unusual happened at the AU summit. I had spoken at different fora in the past, but at the AU secretariat, God’s spirit of excellence visited the two of us and every recommendation we both made or every line we uttered attract thunderous applause from everyone at the forum, which included African youth leaders, UN Agency officials, and members of the Diplomatic Corps and Press men. Our recommendations were to be presented to the African Heads of States summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. After the presentation, the international media mobbed me, requesting for interviews. Many UN Agencies began to ask for my complimentary cards. 

I was notified, on the spot, that UNESCO would like to invite me to Paris as a guest speaker that same year. When I arrived my hotel room, I began to praise the Lord because everything that happened was beyond power, strategy and arrangement of a man. At the forum, I was able to have personal meetings with the US Ambassador to the African Union, UN officials, Mr. Thabo Mbeki, AU officials and group meetings with Nigerian Ambassador to AU and Ethiopia, UN-AU joint Envoy to Dafur, Sudan among other dignitaries. My biggest testimony in Addis Ababa is that I was able to win a soul for Christ. 

Two weeks after I arrived Nigeria, I got an email from the US Department of State. I had been nominated among four (4) African Young leaders contributing immensely to develop our dear continent. I was prepared for a special interview and it was published globally by the US Government and all US Embassies across the gIobe, celebrating my contribution to national and international

Today, I have every reason to say God is merciful. As at the last time I was privileged to testify in church, I was a final year law student, but today, I am already using law as a tool of social engineering and problem solving…God’s power has no limitation. When He speaks, He fulfills it.

Last year, I was in Paris on the invitation of UNESCO to speak at her 7th Global Youth Forum on Youth-led social innovation in Africa. I had the privilege of being hosted by the Nigerian Ambassador to UNESCO and I had a meeting with AU officials on my proposal to popularize and digitize African Youth Charter. At the moment, I am consulting for African Union Commission Youth Division. I was in Kenya this year on the invitation of UNDP and UN-HABITAT as a speaker and so many other places across the globe.

Today, I have every reason to say God is merciful. As at the last time I was privileged to testify in church alongside Mosun last year, I was a final year law student, but today, I am already using law as a tool of social engineering and problem solving as I have already completed my BL programme at the Nigerian Law school. This testimony is to the glory of God that the scope of God’s power has no limitation. When He speaks, He fulfills it. His power can not be underestimated and our living God can visit anyone, irrespective of background, academic achievement, age, status, sex and in any circumstance we find ourselves. To our youth, God is looking into our generation to spread the good news. If we move closer to him, he will set our feet on the right path and we shall all flourish.

I bless the name of our Lord for our dear Pastor Taiwo Odukoya and all ministers of God at The Fountain of Life Church that God is using for our generation. I can only pray that every day and in every way, you will get better and better, stronger and stronger, richer and richer, holier and holier, bigger and bigger in the Lord. Amen.

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