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From The Slums Of Oshodi To An International Award: Meet Tunde Peters


Mr. Tunde Peters may not strike you as one who has achieved much in his 29 years (and counting) on earth but this humble young man tells how God took him from the slums of Oshodi into becoming not just the owner of a digital security and surveillance company with branches in Ghana and South Africa but also becoming the winner of an international award for the best quality surveillance camera world-wide. Left in the care of his grandparents by his divorced parents when he was barely 6 months old, the grass to grace story of Tunde Peters is indeed an inspiring read.

please, tell us about you and your background

I am Tunde Peter as you know. I was born in 1985 and brought up in Oshodi. Basically, I’m an IT Consultant but I deal more in product design and development. My secondary school was at Ifelodun Grammar School Oshodi. I did my tertiary education online with the Colorado Technical University in the US. It was an online degree. So I schooled from here in Nigeria after having deferred my admission into Yabatech.

why did you defer your admission?

I wasn’t too keen on attending the normal school, you know, the traditional school thing of sitting in the classroom. I wanted to go through school at my own pace. It was much easier for me to be able to apply the knowledge I gained from there into what I did. My grandfather also sent me for trainings at technical schools, which is where I had my technical background.

you said your grandfather trained you throughout your stay in school. what about your parents?

My parents were divorced when I was 6 months old so I grew up with my maternal grandparents. They were actually the people that trained me and brought me up. Although they were Muslim, I was allowed to go to Church because both my mom and dad are Christians.

so, what was it like growing up?

(Laughing) It was tough. I grew up in a ghetto where it is, more or less,‘all man for himself’and going to a public school where you have 120 pupils in a class.You can picture that kind of environment. A teacher cannot impart too much, they can only do their best. It is actually left for the pupil to develop himself or herself. That’s what it was like growing up. Most times I remember that after school, I would have to go for coaching classes, but it was just like getting strength to survive. It’s not as if we had everything but we had a few of the basics. The things you can’t get, you have to strive for them yourself.

during your growing up years was there any time you lived or got involved in a rough lifestyle?

I never really lived a rough life, though I was not born again. Maybe just basic peer pressure from friends wanting you to smoke, or drink. Though I didn’t smoke, I used to drink back in the days when I was still very young.

so, when did you give your life to Christ?

I gave my life to Christ in 2003 at Winners Gospel Centre then in Oshodi. I left soon after. There was a time I was with my mum at Sango when I lost my step dad. I was with her for a while and I started going to Winners Chapel. I went for Believers training and then their Bible School. After that, I joined The Fountain of Life Church in 2005.

so what would you say is the differentiating factor between you and some of your peers in oshodi?

I think it just boils down to being born again.When I use the word being born again it’s not like going to Church and stuff like that, it’s about having a commitment and a personal relationship with God. Like you are truly walking with God. To me, I do tell people Christianity is a walk, and you can’t walk alone and be chatting alone, you need to walk with someone and chat together, that is Christianity to me.

So, I think the basic factor that differentiates me and them will just be the God factor, which is actually knowing the Lord Jesus and walking with Him in truth.

to start a family because they were all older than me, they were already in their 30’s. Later on I applied for the professional training with Axis which is the world best manufacturer of surveillance cameras. I was to choose between Sweden and South African to go for the training on how to install their product.The training was focused on their own products. I chose South Africa because it was cheaper for me. I remember going for the training. I was pretty much the smallest boy in the class (laughs) and the youngest person next to me was about 40 years old.

I remember trying to deploy one of these products for a client here in Nigeria and we came to realize that the products had defects. They aren’t really suitable for our environment and there are no other manufacturers.

So after I tried I thought I could just do something really suitable for the Nigerian environment, something that really works well for us. So I decided to think about it and then the Holy Spirit told me ‘why don’t you just look at this thing, contact people, make enquiry into how they go about manufacturing these things and stuff like that.’

So after the training, I got my certificate and came back home. Then I started looking for people who actually make these things. The first company I contacted was not ready to manufacture for me because they had their own product line. The only thing they wanted to do was for us to sell for them; that is, make us their distributors in Nigeria.

I did that for about a year but its not exactly what I wanted, because I was still having issues with their products.

Finally, I ran into a particular manufacturer in China. I didn’t go to China, and even till date, I have not been there (laughing). I contact them online and we do online meetings on Skype and video meetings. Because they wake up earlier than we do, from 1a.m., I am awake having video meetings with them making sure that we have all software specifications and packaging right, ensuring they are user friendly with our customers, and also defining each product’s market; what is suitable for home use, industrial use, what is suitable for the school environment.

you recently won an international award for best quality surveillance camera, how would you describe this?

(Laughing) Whatever is from above is above all. I am not surprised it happened; I would have only been surprised it didn’t happen because we gave it a global approach. Everything we did, we gave it a global approach. We always asked ourselves whether these things we were doing was for ourselves or for the benefit of people out there?

I also remember one Saturday when I came for a business meeting and Pastor Taiwo was talking about the Holy Spirit, and how it is the person of the Holy Spirit that gives birth to divine ideas.

He doesn’t just give you divine ideas, He gives you divine enablement for you to be able to achieve these things and bring them to life. One thing I realised is this, for you to become a high flier in life, it has to be by instructions. To become a High flier you need somebody to instruct you and that is the person of the

“The first thing is god. it takes the god factor. The moment the youth will understand that we are living a life in which we are nothing without god, they will allow god to have his way, because the Bible says that we are just like clay in the hand of the potter.”

Holy Spirit. God owns my business, I am only a manager. Because I listen to God for instructions, He instructs me the way to go. So, I think that is what actually gave birth to PETOS being awarded the best product in the highest category, which is Gold because the awards came in bronze, silver and gold categories. We got it in the Gold category which even the so called world best didn’t get.

alright, what is your advice to youths who are looking to actualise their dreams? what is your advice?

The first thing is God. It takes the God factor. The moment the youth will understand that we are living a life in which we are nothing without God, they will allow God to have His way, because the Bible says that we are just like clay in the hand of the potter. God has a way of molding us, so trying to live it without God is like a car telling its manufacturer that I don’t need you, I can drive myself. The truth is that the car will remain in that place forever. It is not going to move. So a day without God is just going to be stagnant, even if you say scientifically the earth is evolving, the earth is really evolving but the car will still remain there. Also self-discipline is very important too.

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