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The auditorium of The Fountain of Life Church was packed full of members, families and friends as they awaited God’s touch of mercy, grace, protection and anointing against evil in the last anointing service for the year 2011, which held on December 5.

The service started with opening prayers by Pastor Femi Megbope fol­lowed by praise and worship by the Grace Levites. Pastor Yemisi Akindolie, anchored the programme, leading the church in giving thanks to the Lord for all He had done since the begin­ning of the year, and later ushered those with testimonies to the podium.

Sister Nike Akinola recounted how God has been dazzling her with loads of blessings. Even as she was going to the work station to give her testimony, she got a surprise from God. She recalled that in 2007, as she was going back to her seat from the podium where she had shared her testimony, she got another surprise of N100, 000.00 from someone she did not inform about her need to pay her son’s school fees. She also shared how her daughter purchased a N1000 ticket during the Act of Love exercise on the 4th of December, she was the last to drop her ticket and she won a gas cooker. Brother Olayiwola also testified to God’s intervention in his wife’s delayed “fruit of the womb” after four years of marriage. Before then, he had gone through a lot of experiences, but he kept reading the Word and confessing it, in addition to regular attendance at Thursday Showers. Finally in February 2011, his wife became pregnant and in October, God blessed them with a baby.

Sister Folakemi Odogu narrated that her testimony began during the October anointing service, one of the ministers prophesied the fruit of the womb to her and she said “Amen”. She also picked a promise that said the nation she do not know would serve her. The following week, a lady sent her a friend request on Face book and she accepted. The strange lady later disclosed to her that she saw her job description as a decorator and would like her to decorate her multinational oil company for Christmas party. Sister Odogwu initially thought it was a fraud but later agreed to a meeting with her and her boss. One thing led to the other and he received the contract. Also, a lady she met through a friend gave her a decoration contract recently. Praise God!

The fourth testifier, Sister Seun Akinwale thanked God for not putting her, her parents and her school to shame. She was forced by her lecturer to write a difficult professional exam for which she was not ready. She was, however, encouraged by a testimony at one of the Thursday Showers where a woman reported scaling through an exam she was persuaded not to take for health reasons.
After the testimonies, Pastor Taiwo began his ministration. Reading from the book of Romans 9:33, he exhorted Christians to put their trust in God who is the Stumbling Stone and Rock of Offence for unbelievers(1 Peter 2:8), because He will never put them to shame. According to him, God visited the Israelites, who came back to build the wall of Jerusalem, in their state of discouragement and distraction. Joshua the high priest was also vis­ited in his state of filthiness and was cleansed. From the book of Zechariah chapters 3 and 4, he enumerated, step by step, the process of cleansing of the high priest.
His filthy garment was commanded to be changed,
• His iniquity was pardoned,
• A clean turban was put on his head,
• He was given new clothes,
• He and his company were made a sign and wonder,
After this transformation in the life of the high priest, he was asked of what he could see,
Grace was given to him.
The mountain before him was brought low.
He reminded the church that when they also surrender their lives to Jesus like Joshua, their sins would be forgiven, their filthy garments would change, and they would have testimonies, ir­respective of their struggles, and the grace to finish well would be granted them. He concluded by decreeing “grace to finish well” as well as mercy to the church. He gave the significance of the anointing as the one that would destroy the power of the devil in their lives and would bring “breakthroughs”. He tagged the last anointing service for the year “Grace Anointing”. He thereafter anointed the pastors and they in turn anointed the congrega­tion while the Grace Levites sang the worship song, “You are my glory” led by Brother Gboyega. The service was rounded off with prophecies of light on the paths of the audience which would shine brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

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