Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service

January 28 Sunday service was indeed an awesome one as it was the first Fruitful Vine service for the year. Pastor Taiwo, while speaking on the topic Receive Strength, told the congregation that God’s covenant with His own is always for their benefits. According to him, when the calling is from God, it is a covenant and it is to bless. “When God calls you, He enables you to fulfil purpose,” he said.

Using Sarah and Mary as examples, Pastor Taiwo said that God’s promise to His children will always come to pass irrespective of the circumstances. Also speaking from Hebrews 11:8-11, he stated that once a believer can understand his or her identity in Christ and hold on to His word, such a believer will walk in the miraculous. “Man can lie and disappoint, but God can never lie. If He has spoken it, He will bring it to pass,” he stated.

He then urged all never to be weary as God is faithful to bring to pass His promises in their lives.

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Pastor Nomthi @ Sunday Service

While encouraging the congregation at the January 28 Sunday service, Pastor Nomthi emphasized the importance of having faith in God.Speaking from Mark 9:23, which is the promise for the week, she said that everything is possible to those who believe. “God is able to do anything for you, but He wants you to trust and believe Him,” she said.

She therefore urged them to believe God's word for every situation and then watch out for a positive turnaround.



Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

Christians have been reminded that the level of their understanding of their covenant with God determines their benefits and manifestation. And this reminder came from Pastor Taiwo at the January 25 Thursday Showers service.

According to him, for believers to command the miraculous, they need to have an understanding of God’s covenant with them which was sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ. This covenant, he said, makes them complete, perfect, fit and qualified for every good work. “You are special to God, He is your father and He is a God of peace. But you need to understand this to command the miraculous,” he said.

Speaking from Hebrews 13:20-21, he said that the more believers walk closely with God, and keep knowing and discovering Him, the more they become transformed. This, according to him, is the benefit of the covenant they have with Him, “God will not relate with you if you are not in covenant with Him. So, your role in the covenant is to believe God’s word and allow Him to work in your life for His glory,” he stated.

He then admonished them to always remember that their covenant reality is not based on human opinion but on their identity in Christ Jesus. In his words, “You have a stake in the kingdom of God because you are in the new covenant. Be conscious and live in the realisation of the covenant you have with God.”


Pastor Nomthi @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Nomthi at the January 25 Thursdays Showers service admonished the worshippers not to be tired of seeking God’s face and consent in life’s situations because He will always come through for them. “No matter how dry and thirsty the land is, God will answer you if you will seek His face,” she said.

Speaking from Psalm 63:1-2, she said that the problems they face should rather make them look up to God with an assurance of receiving His solution, rather than make them turn away from Him. According to her, He is always working things out for those who trust and wait on Him and will reveal His power over their situations. “Keep trusting God and never give up on Him because He will never leave or forsake you. He is working things out for your good,” she stated.

Have you heard about Edward Snowden? Well, if you haven’t, you should pay attention. Snowden used to work for the American government organization called the NSA. A contractor, he discovered that the government was spying on American citizens from listening to their phone calls to checking their emails. Scandalized and affronted, Snowden took evidence of the government’s malfeasance and fled first to Hong Kong and then Russia where he is now stuck on temporary asylum.

The Snowden case as well as the Assange/Wikileaks case has brought greater scrutiny to how much of our lives are being monitored by spy agencies. In this article which should be cause for concern, the author points out other potential sources of espionage; simple home and medical appliances. It is amazing and scary and so end-time-ish.

Consider every appliance and every piece of home electronics that you own. Does it gather data about how you use it? Does it connect to the Internet? If so, it could be used to spy on you. Your mobile devices, your TV, and now various other types of home appliances can be wired into a network that can track you. If those networks are hacked, information about your habits and behaviors could be available to people with nefarious goals.

The same technological innovation that empowers us also makes us vulnerable to those who would exploit such advances against us. Here are nine appliances and other systems inside your house that may be spying on you right now, or used to spy on you in the future.

1. Your Television: Ever wonder how your TV remembers what shows you’ve watched, which ones you plan to watch, and how long you watched last episode of your favourite series? It does it all by connecting to the Internet. Therein lies its weakness. Computer Security firm ReVuln proved last year that it could hack Samsung’s newest televisions, accessing users’ settings, installing malware on the TVs and any connected devices, and harvesting all the personal data stored on the machine. They could even switch on the camera embedded in the TV and watch viewers watching the set. Samsung says it patched the security flaw. That said who’s to say that Samsung is the only brand to have experienced a security issue?

2. Your Cable Box: Companies are reportedly developing cable boxes with built-in video cameras and motion sensors. The idea is that if the camera detects two people canoodling on the couch, they might be delivered ads for a new romantic movie, while a roomful of children would see ads for an Air Hogs remote control helicopter. If that freaks you out, think what government intelligence agencies or hackers could do with such a device.

3. Your Dishwasher, Clothes Dryer, Toaster, Clock Radio and Remote Control: This may sound fantastical, but no less an expert on spying than former CIA Director, David Petraeus believes that even mundane appliances like your dishwasher could soon be used to gather intelligence about you. Appliances including dishwashers, coffee makers and clothes dryers all now connect to the Internet. This helps the manufacturers troubleshoot performance and improve energy efficiency, and it gives owners the chance to order a fresh cup of coffee or a dry bin of clothes from their phone, computer or tablet. Such little piece of data could help snoopers geo-locate you, and learn your habits and schedule for all manner of malfeasance.

4. Your Lights: The same technology that enables monitoring of your home appliances also could allow would-be spies to monitor your lights. In addition to tracking your schedule, taking control of your home lighting system could help robbers invade your home by turning off the lights and keeping them off during an invasion.

5. Security Alarms: For years, home security systems were hardwired to a service provider’s operations center. Now they are wirelessly connected to many users’ phones and tablets. This allows us to keep tabs on our homes at all times, from all places. But what’s the point of having a security system if robbers can hack it?

6. Insulin Pumps and Pacemakers: Forget about hacking your house. What about hacking your body? In 2012, White Hat hacker, Barnaby Jack proved he could kill a diabetic person from 300 feet away by ordering an insulin pump to deliver fatal doses of insulin. This summer he announced he could hack pacemakers and implanted defibrillators. The security vulnerabilities of these devices are quite shocking.

7. Smartphones: Think of every spy gadget dreamt up by Q in James Bond films. Microphone, still and video camera, geo-locating device, and computer software that can steal your personal passwords, hack your bank accounts, hijack your email and take control of other devices. Your smartphone has all these things. In addition, the U.S. military disclosed last year it created an app called PlaceRaider that uses a phone’s camera, geo-location data and its accelerometer to create a 3D map of the phone’s surroundings.

8. Your tablet and computer: Most tablets and computers have all the same tools as smartphones and some have even more. If your phone can spy on you, they can too. Even more so than our smartphones, we unwittingly stuff them with every imaginable tidbit of sensitive personal information from lists of passwords, to tax and financial information, to geo-tagged photographs, to the innermost secrets that we exchange with our friends. Every day our most precious asset (our identity) is put at risk by us and those who wish to track our every movement, word, thought and search. We need a conversation – where everyone participates – about just how widespread such monitoring has become. Such devices could and inevitably will change our notions of secrecy. Let’s not simply opt for progress without proper safeguards.

Culled from http://finance.yahoo.com/news/9-household-itemscould-spying-100006425.html

The kitchen is everyone’s favourite room, well maybe not everyone but it’s no doubt the engine room of every home and also the main core of major messes. Most times, we rely on scouring powder to scrub grease off our pots or harmless pesticides to get rid of those creepy insects. Interestingly, there’s a whole world of other unusual cleaners and surprising refreshers just perfect for your kitchen which you probably never knew about but they stare at you right in the face every time you open your pantry or cabinets.

These items are not just money savers but what I like to call the Unusual Kitchen Heroes.

Samuel replied, “Has the Lord as much pleasure in your burnt offerings and sacrifices as in your obedience? Obedience is far better than sacrifice. He is much more interested in your listening to him than in your offering the fat of rams to him.”
1 Samuel 15:22 [TLB]

Then Abram said, ‘Look, You have given me no offspring; indeed one born in my house is my heir!’ And behold, the word of the LORD came to him, saying, ‘This one shall not be your heir, but one who will come from your own body shall be your heir.’ –Genesis 15:3-4

When God asked him to get out of his country, his family and his father’s house, it was into the covenant of blessings. The Lord promised to make him a great nation and make his name great. Everyone who blessed him was to be blessed and everyone who cursed him was to be cursed. In him all the families of the earth were to be blessed.

I have been attending Thursday Showers since I joined the church sometime in 2000. Although I don’t usually come every Thursday, because of the nature of my job, I endeavour to come whenever there are holidays.

Report by Becky Olorunpomi

Archbishop of the Church of God Mission International, Margaret Benson-Idahosa, has revealed how God sustained her in the aftermath of the death of her husband and former head of the Church, Archbishop Benson Idahosa in 1998. The Archbishop told the congregation that, as expected, the death of her husband devastated her beyond description and that only the grace of God sustained her.

By Becky Olorunpomi

There is indeed power mighty in the Blood of Jesus Christ! Another evidence of the efficacy of the blood of the Lamb was proclaimed recently when Ayo Adejumo shared the amazing testimony of the power of God over his family. Ayo who saw his wife lying stone –cold dead on the hospital theatre table, chose to stand in unshakable faith and God rewarded his faith.

Ask about how God meets people at the point of their need, how He satis?es their hearts desires to the letter, and Mrs. Nwando Agbe would tell her astounding testimony. It is the classic testimony of God attending to every of our individual heart cry and desire. Her story is simple but clearly evident of the goodness of God. Agbe got married at the age of 25 with the hope that she would be done with child bearing at the age of 30. Three years later at 28, she had not been pregnant once. Instead of that, she has had a myomectomy, which is the removal of fibroids from her womb. This was followed by years of treatment and the shattering doctor’s report that the shape of her womb was abnormal.